IT Logic Roundup 360

Optimum technology benefits imply considerable challenges for companies or institutions of any size. Management of information resources should be flexible and scalable, developed on an updated and stable platform, with a technical support team able to respond rapidly, ensuring the continued provision of services.

IT Logic Roundup 360 reorganizes your technological structure, upgrading physical infrastructure and exporting key business applications to the cloud where they will be managed and monitored 24 hours without having to commit personnel to the facilities, and with highly competitive prices.

IT Logic Roundup 360 optimizes the continuous flow and control of your company's operations, managing your communications, and technological infrastructure.

IT Logic perspective allows you to control the processes of your infrastructure from end to end, in both your office and in the cloud. Control your voice communications via IP and it allows equipping the users and work centers with the most suitable operation tools, supported by a English-speaking assistance team with 24/7 monitoring.*

Our system maximizes the security in your communication and operation, dramatically reducing the impacts on your performance by protecting yourself by a physical and logical fence of security applications, with constant monitoring by our experts.

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